Waste Regulation 

Sea Level Marine, Inc. is proud to announce that our vessels have authority from APHIS, USDA and CBP to remove "regulated waste" from offshore vessels in the Corpus Christi area and manifest this waste to final deposition at an approved landfill. 

It is our goal to provide good service operations and handling of waste that does not involve time consuming formalities for shipping agents, ships and their crew. 

Sea Level Marine, Inc has the highest standards in quality and safety for our transportation services. Our vessels are fully insured with a licensed crew who are ready within 24 hour notice. Our vessels' port of origin is at Live Oak Dock, Ingleside, TX or Midstream Fuel Dock, Aransas Pass, TX. 


Our Services Include: 

  • Personnel transfer for shift change
  • Personnel transfer to vessels at anchorage
  • Transfer of government officials which include U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection, U.S. Coast Guard, etc. 
  • Transfer of ship stores, perishables, fresh water, and equipment to offshore vessels
  • eNOA/D knowledge and experience 

Regulated waste includes: 

  • Domestic food packaging
  • Operational waste
  • Maintenance waste
  • Cargo waste
  • Miscellaneous waste 

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